Committee Descriptions

The Northern District of Ohio Chapter of the Federal Bar Association has many committees in which to get involved. To find out more about these committees, contact the chairperson listed below.

Bankruptcy Committee

The Bankruptcy Committee is a substantive law committee formed to better suit the needs of federal bankruptcy practitioners. The committee works with our Bankruptcy Court and its judges and with the bankruptcy bar to create programming and address concerns unique to this substantive area of law.
Rocco Debitetto, Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP.

Community Relations & Public Service Committee

The Community Relations & Public Service Committee will plan and coordinate all member activities with community and civic organizations and events throughout the Northern District of Ohio. One of the goals of the committee is to raise the visibility of the FBA inside and outside the legal community. Chair:
Jennifer Lesny Fleming, Matasar Jacobs 

Continuing Legal Education Committee

The CLE Committee plans the FBA Northern District's CLE programs.  The Ethics, Professionalism and Substance Abuse CLE  is  held every December and the Criminal Law CLE is held every August. Other programs are scheduled based on    interest.  Other CLE programs have included: Federalism, Handling the Media, Complex Civil Litigation, Appellate Practice,  and Brown v. Bd. of Education. In the planning stage are CLE programs on environmental law and advanced federal practice.  
Lori Riga, Federal Public Defender
Brian Ramm, Benesch, Friedlander
New Lawyer Training:
Jennifer Armstrong, McDonald Hopkins LLC.

Criminal Law Committee

The Criminal Law Committee is a substantive law committee formed to better suit the needs of federal criminal law practitioners. The Committee works with out Court, our Federal Defender's office and our U.S. Attorney's office to create programming and to address concerns unique to the federal criminal law practice. 
David Mills, Mills Law Office
Jon Greenberg, Walther | Haverfield

Diversity Committee

It is the goal of our Diversity Committee to promote the diversity of our membership and to work to expand to all groups the opportunities to practice in the Northern District. The Committee works with our Court and with our fellow diverse bar associations to create programming and address concerns of our diverse body of lawyers and judges.
Sanford Watson, Tucker Ellis
Jackie Johnson, Assistant Federal Public Defender, ND Ohio

Law Clerk Committee

The Law Clerk Committee seeks to engage current and former federal law clerks in order to create and maintain a sense of community and the mutual support that community engenders, and to create programming and address concerns particular to federal law clerks. Membership in this committee is open to any current or former salaried law clerk who served for a United States Judge, Justice or Magistrate.
Robert Tucker, Robison, Curphey & O'Connell
Jeremy Tor, Spangenberg Law Firm
Hope Lu, District Court

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee encourages lawyers and law students to join and become active members in the Northern District of Ohio Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. To further this objective, the Membership Committee disseminates information regarding the benefits of membership and the positive contributions that the Northern District of Ohio Chapter continues to make on a regular basis to our communities.
Anthony J. LaCerva, Collins & Scanlon
Alexandra Dattilo, Brouse McDowell

National Relations Committee

The National Relations Committee is an expression of our Chapter's recognition and appreciation that we are a part of a larger national organization with chapters across the range of the federal district courts. The functions of the Committee are to serve as the principal bridge between the Chapter and the national organization; to assist the Board in investigating, ascertaining, and utilizing the resources of the national organization, particularly with respect to awards, grants, training opportunities networking opportunities, leadership roles, and other available benefits, support or recognition; and to transfer knowledge regarding the historical and current relationship between our Chapter and the national organization to other members of the Board. This committee should also explore and, if appropriate, assist in implementing, ventures and projects with other FBA Chapters.
Jason Hill, Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, shall be responsible for the preparation of a Chapter Newsletter to be distributed to the Chapter membership at regular intervals deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. The Newsletter Committee shall take steps as are necessary to select the content of such newsletter, prepare the newsletter layout, and to arrange for printing and distribution of such newsletter
Steve Jett, Ulmer & Berne LLP
Matt Gurbach, Benesch Friedlander

Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consist of a chairperson, the President-Elect, and at least 3 other members. The Committee shall have charge and control of the nomination and election of officers and directors as provided in Article V, Sections 3 and 4 of the by-laws.
Steven J. Paffilas, U. S. Attorney's Office.

Program Committee

The Program Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, shall plan and conduct informative and entertainment programs consistent with the objectives of the Chapter, as provided in Article II of the by-laws. 
Bruce Wilson, Attorney at Law.

Publicity and Media Relations Committee

The Publicity and Media Relations Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, shall inform the members of the Chapter and public about chapter activities and matters of interest through the preparation and distribution of announcements, press releases, and other such communications channels deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.
Barbara PaynterPaynter Communications LLC.

Younger Lawyers Committee

The Younger Lawyers Committee is comprised of all members of the chapter who are 36 years of age and under or who have been admitted to practice for 3 years or less.  Our committee works hand-in-hand with our local federal judges on projects meaningful to the profession and to the community at large.  For example, it was the Younger Lawyers that worked with Magistrate Judge Hemann to organize the "A Book of Your Own" book drive that collected over 5000 books for Cleveland City School students.  More projects are always in the works, as are events planned to provide our younger members with the opportunity to work with and learn from our federal judiciary.
Liz Collins, Collins & Scanlon 
Erin Brown, Robert Brown, LLC
Mike Gabrail, The Crossroads Group


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