Who We Are

The FBA-NDOC is the local Chapter of the Federal Bar Association (FBA) serving members in the Northern District of Ohio.  We are one of the fastest growing and most dynamic Chapters of the FBA in the country.  Our award-winning programs and newsletter have captivated members and encourage us to continue providing quality services to practitioners across the Northern District of Ohio.

Our Mission

To advance the science of jurisprudence and to promote the welfare, interests, education, and professional growth and development of the members of the Federal legal profession.

President's Message

To All,

As the new President of the FBA’s Northern District of Ohio Chapter, I have big shoes to fill.

In September 2016, our Chapter hosted the FBA’s national convention.  Hundreds of Judges and federal practitioners from around the country spent five days in Cleveland at five days of programs, meetings, and social events that were universally acclaimed as among the best the FBA has offered—at least since the last time our Chapter hosted the FBA national convention back in the year 2000. 

At the FBA’s most recent national convention in September, our Chapter received the Presidential Excellence Award.  This award recognizes the superior job our Chapter did in the past year meeting and exceeding the standards and goals the FBA sets for its Chapters around the country.

It is difficult to see how to top these nationally noteworthy successes achieved in consecutive years.  But we are fortunate to have an active Chapter that enjoys the strong support of the federal bench and counts as its members the leading practitioners in all areas of practice in the Northern District. 

We are also fortunate that one of our own members, Kip Bollin, a past President of our Chapter, is now the President of the FBA nationally.  In many respects, the fact that the FBA’s national Presidents hails from our Chapter speaks to the strength of our Chapter and the leadership it provides to the organization across the country. 

With the energy, ideas, and work of our members, and the support of our federal judicial officers, our Chapter will continue to lead the FBA as an organization and set the standard for achieving the FBA’s mission of strengthening the administration of justice in the federal legal system—even without hosting another national convention. 

While we as a Chapter can take pride in our accomplishments, we should not rest on our laurels.  I encourage all our members to redouble their efforts on behalf of our Chapter.  And I invite federal practitioners in the Northern District who are not members to join and take an active role in advancing the interests of federal practitioners and the administration of justice in the federal legal system.


Phil Calabrese

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